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Trend Alert : Denim Tencel and Why You Should Take Notice!

By Anita Sidhu

The latest buzz word in sustainability is Tencel.  The availability of this power house fabric has been the top of sourcing requests we are seeing in recent months. But what is Tencel and how does it help not just the environment but your denim game?

First off, Tencel is the brand name for a set of fibers called Lyocett or Modal.   These fabrics are made from the wood of trees sourced from sustainably managed forests that are then processed in such a way that minimizes the use of toxic chemicals and uses significantly less water than cotton manufacturing.  What else?  The fabric is biodegradable to boot!

So besides being good for the environment, what makes Tencel great?  Well in a word, it’s soft.  Mixed with denim cotton fibers, Tencel can bring your jeans to the next level for comfort.   The fabric is also inherently breathable and wrinkle resistant. It’s like a trifecta!

So if you are looking to feel good and do good by reducing your carbon footprint – consider the benefits of Tencel for you and your Brand!